Luwuk is a sub-district in Luwuk City, Banggai District, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Luwuk City has a very strategic area such as marine and industry such as chocolate and mede. The city of Luwuk has various tribes that have long lived side by side. Currently Luwuk City has become an autonomous city that has a complete infrastructure. Transportation facilities such as road, sea and air are available in this area. Luwuk City has a very beautiful beach with coral reefs and various types of ornamental fish in it. 


What You Can Observe?

Have you ever see a rare, unique Maleo bird that can produce larger eggs? If, no, You can visit Bangkirang Animal Sanctuary located 56 km from Luwuk City. At night, you can have fun by visiting Lalong Bay. This jutting place gives you the beauty of the night scene of Luwuk City. If you want to see the remains of history in this city, then this is the right place for you to visit is Ondorneming Tobelombang located in District Nuhon, Banggai

What You Can Do Here?

Visit Kilo Lima, a family recreation place in the form of a gentle beach. This place is often visited by tourists in the holidays. If you want to get your fill of thrills as you soar high over you can also visit the Hanga-Hanga Waterfall located in the hills of Luwuk City. You can also visit the attractions of Tontouan Waterfall and Salodik Waterfall which offers the freshness and beauty of the panorama while playing water. There is Goa Salodik if you plan to visit a cave in this city.

What You Have to Try?

Kaledo Soup is a favorite food that comes from the city of Palu this soup is made or mixed with spices that can make soup tasty, juicy, and delicious.